Dress Struggles

I’ve looked through traditional bridal stores all across Vancouver, considered getting a custom gown, and searched online for what everyone calls your “dream dress”. After all the searching, I decided on a gown from David’s Bridal that was definitely within my budget and a dress that I was happy with. Albeit not at first, but I had a realization about the dress that very much so put me at ease.

lace wedding dress

After making the purchase, I instantly started regretting my decision. I doubted myself, got mad at myself and tried so hard to persuade myself to stop thinking this way. Originally, I had envisioned for myself a beautiful lace gown that was either a sheath or modified A-line dress with jeweled cap sleeves (thanks to Pinterest and as shown above). I won’t describe my gown now, just in case Kelvin is reading this, but it’s nothing I expected myself to get. In my head, I couldn’t let go of the all lace gown, despite the fact that I had tried on a few similar ones and they looked odd on my fairly straight figure, and the fact that I looked like I was playing dress up in more mature looking gowns. I just couldn’t let it go and I placed so much importance in the dress that I was to going wear, that I lost perspective of all other aspects of the wedding.

After tears and really talking it through with Kelvin, I came to realize that it’s not all about the dress. The wedding is so much more than the dress! A wedding is about celebration and love! Everyone has asked Kelvin and I, what we look forward to most with the wedding, and honestly, we are just so incredibly excited to be married and live life, do life together. So the dress is just a dress. I still like it, it looks great on, I look more my age (because to be honest, I am a younger bride), and it’s going to be the dress I marry Kelvin in. So don’t get so caught up in having “the dress” because..


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