Book for Brides

The wedding industry is always telling us what we want and how we need to do things with respect to our weddings. There are so many traditions that are surprisingly made up and hold no significance at all. Did you know, the unity candle came from a soap opera script in the 1970’s? But anyways, I don’t want to go on a mini rant, but instead I want to shed some light and give all you brides out there some encouragement!

When Kelvin and I got engaged, we went to Amazon to find a wedding planning book because we didn’t feel the need for a wedding planner (I’m a event planner for our church and so is Kelvin, plus he’s planned events for some non-profits). As we were reading reviews for the “best” wedding planning book, we saw something in the “People who saw this also looked at…” area and it was a book by Meg Keene. It’s titled A Practical Wedding and it has really helped me put things into perspective. From only choosing traditions that are meaningful, navigating all the wedding stress, and most recently realizing that it is going to be a “wonderful, wildly imperfect day!”

If you are a bride like me: realistic, doesn’t want to spend a fortune, likes to keep things simple, and wants to break that wedding mould that the wedding industry keeps trying to force us into, then I truly think this book is for you. There are testimonies from real brides and the writing is to the point and stern enough when you need to hear it.

All Kelvin and I want is a wedding that’s full of love and celebration. I sometimes feel myself slipping into bridezilla mode or wanting so many things for the wedding that are excessive, but after reading this book, it really helps to reel me back in. I’m not saying that I’m sacrificing all the things I wanted, but I’m being more conscious about my decisions. I’ve thought through why I want something, is it really necessary, and am I even going to remember that slight detail after the wedding. Also, you know what really helps? Remembering that the wedding isn’t the pinnacle of your relationship, it’s only the beginning of an amazing married life! In all honesty, all I care about right now is getting married to Kelvin! We just realized it’s only 3 months and 3 weeks away! I can’t wait 🙂


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