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Little Things

It’s a Saturday night and as of late, the fiance and I are usually out with friends or just simply not at home. It wasn’t a conscious decision but I went back to my old Saturday routine, the one I used to have when I was still in my early high school years, before the dating began, and before life became complicated. I went to my grandma’s for dinner, hung out with my cousin for a while, chatted with relatives, then came home and just hung out at home. It’s not that I have to constantly be engaging with my parents, but the fact that I’m home and I know they are, is assuring in some strange way.

When we got back from dinner, I decided to start cleaning my room since it was starting to get messy. Started with the clothes piled up on my beanbag chair, then started on my desk. I found this bright green file folder with a friends name on it, and it instantly brought a smile to my face. It held all the papers, clues, and letters I worked hard for, during that scavenger hunt, on the day Kelvin proposed. I found the letters my girlies wrote me and it brought happy tears to my eyes. Gosh, Kelvin and I are getting married in 100 days as of Feb 16! Oh my word, it’s happening so soon but also not so soon?

I only have 100 days more in this house and room that I spent majority of my childhood in. I’m going to have to relearn a new home layout, new schedule, and a lot more real soon. It’s an exciting new chapter of life but also kind of sad saying bye to one I’ve lived for the past 15 years! I’m going to try to take in all that I can about this home. All the little things: the creaks of the floor in certain areas, the smell of home, the noises of my dad constantly cleaning and my mom chit chattering on the phone. Eek here we go! 🙂


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