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Where are they?

Jackie Chan - Entry level job listing "required experience: 2+ Years"Exactly how I feel at the moment. I’m not sure if I’m not looking at the right job sites or what but it seems like there are no listed “entry level” positions for HR in Vancouver. Anything that even comes close to an entry level position requires  all applicants to have at least 2 years experience. I’m so confused as to where I can get this experience?!?!

One of the reasons I endeavored into Rosy’s Bake Shoppe was because of my frustrations with my co-op experience. I applied for the co-op program at UBC, got in, but missed the first hiring cycle because I was on exchange. That one miss on my part, seemed to impact all my future co-op applications very negatively. Given my first co-op interviews weren’t my best, but I was so frustrated when the only feedback I would get from my co-op advisor was that “you did great in the interview, but they just want someone with more experience”…uhhhhh isn’t that what co-op is for?? Same thing for entry level jobs, aren’t they supposed to be for new grads that may not have experience??

Now in my Pivoting post, I explained why I chose to put the bake shop on the back burner and how I was interviewing for a HR job. Sadly, I have to update you and say that I was not chosen for the position due to the fact that I didn’t have enough experience, but I otherwise met all requirements. I don’t want to rant because that doesn’t help, but more out of curiosity… does an entry level position for HR even exist?

I will keep searching for this mysterious entry-level HR job, but in the meantime I’m looking into other options for work. I’m exploring any possible opportunities in marketing or event planning since I think I have my fair share of experience in both. With marketing, I could try out sales, since I worked retail sales for quite a few years. As for event planning, I’ve been planning events at church for some time now and I think that experience, albeit unpaid, is just as valuable and credible. I really don’t know what’s going to happen in the near future and I surely have no idea what God has planned for me but I 100% trust in Him. I’m just super antsy to know what’s going to happen!

Hopefully this can be of some encouragement to those reading and sharing in the same frustration. Know you’re not alone in this! Explore other options that may not be what you went to school for and try to leverage your strengths that you may have developed outside of a formal education. Read lots, my reading now is the $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau, and try and appreciate this free time you have now. Although you’re not making money, it’s ok. Go out and spend time with friends and family because you know that once you get that job, you’re going to be hustlin’ and it’ll be harder to find time to spend with friends and family. As for me, it’s lots of reading, some job hunting, but mainly wedding planning!

Have a great Monday everyone 🙂


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