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Wedding/Life Update

Life has been crazy lately! Between revved up wedding planning, job stuff, and trying to find time to spend with family, I haven’t had much free time. So let me update you one by one…

1. Wedding Stuff
Kelvin and I are on wedding countdown because as of March 25, 2013 we are 61 days away from being married! With the date coming up so quickly we are starting to finalize a lot of stuff. Invitations are being printed, cake design has been finalized, we had our tasting at Brock House, found tailor for my dress, got in all the bridesmaid dresses and oh goodness so much more! It feels like there’s so much to do but at the same time it’s not that much. I feel so blessed to have such supportive parents and a mom that really wants to help, bridesmaids that really care for me, and a wonderful fiance that helps me de-stress when things get too crazy.

2. Job Stuff
As some may know, I’ve taken a step back from the Bake Shoppe and am only doing it here and there when I have time and when friends of family ask. In the meantime, I’ve been looking for a FT job, preferably HR, but came to realize that it isn’t entirely possible. I connected with an HR professional and she informed me that it’s harder to find “entry level” HR roles because those are usually given to someone within the company. So if I had any HR experience from co-op, it would have been helpful, but I don’t have any. After that conversation I started looking into different jobs that I wanted to try out and applied to some sales jobs here and some receptionist/office manager jobs there. Still nothing was really working out and one day I went out to an interview for Aritzia HQ. Afterwards, I headed to JJ Bean to kill some time before my mom’s flight arrived at YVR. I texted my coach to see if she was in the area to grab coffee since she had texted me earlier about some wedding stuff. We chatted over coffee and I found out that she’s hiring a sales/brand ambassador/merchandising role for her company Granola Girl. Oh my goodness, God’s providence is amazing! I start April and I feel so incredibly blessed to have gotten this role and to be able to work with an amazing company with so much potential, and it doesn’t hurt that I love my boss ;).

I guess that’s it… haha sorry if it isn’t too exciting but just wanted to send everyone an update! Thanks for all the love and prayers 🙂


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