Appreciating Little Things

Ok so I know I ranted and vented quite a bit when I couldn’t find a job and was desperately searching for it. Now that I have it, actually I have 2 (1 with Granola Girl and 1 interning for Fusion Kitchen), I’m learning to appreciate my free time and having time to myself. I guess us human beings are always wanting what we can’t have. Before I wanted to work but now it’s reverse and I want more free time! I didn’t really believe Kelvin when he said things will change so drastically and so quickly once I got a job, but now I understand what he was getting at.

Thing is, it’s not like your work load slowly ramps up once you get a job, it’s more like you hit it full on, pedal to the metal! My weeks went from being a little bored and filling it in with wedding planning and catching up with friends to working all the time and struggling to find time to rest, exercise, and eat well. I’m not complaining, I’m liking where I am now but it’s definitely a drastic 180 and there wasn’t a transition.

So I relish days like today. I have a semi day off, just a few calls and emails to make, sit in one some interviews tonight and tomorrow is my day off (my equivalent to everyone’s Saturday and Sunday). I’m finding joy in being able to do laundry! Who would think to enjoy doing laundry? Haha but having clean clothes is good for sure. I’m giving myself a mani since my hands were overworked the past 2 days with baking (the bakers at Granola Girl went on vaca so I’m subbing in). I’m planning to catch up on some reading, do some of my own baking, and finish up some last bits of wedding planning. And of course, lunch dates with besties is always good for the soul.

Take away from this post: appreciate the little things! 🙂


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