In the Kitchen

Comfort Baking: Choco Cupcakes with a Twist

The weather has been quite gloomy and rainy in Vancouver as of late. Boo not making me feel optimistic about the sunny weather we’d like for the wedding. On the bright side, it’s my day off, which means I get to do a little cold weather comfort baking! It’ll also double up as dessert for tonight as Kelvin and I will be meeting with our officiant/pastor/friend for dinner with his lovely family. I wasn’t sure how experimental to go with my baking, but it just felt like a comfort with a twist kind of day. I give you a dark chocolate cupcake with chai cream cheese frosting! Sounds good right?

IMG_1428  IMG_1429

I started with my good ole chocolate cupcake recipe. I subbed in greek yogurt instead of plain yogurt since I had that on hand and baked as I normally would.


To get the chocolate chai cream cheese frosting, I started with my basic cream cheese frosting and added in chocolate chai tea leaves that had been soaked in a bit of hot water to draw out the flavour.

Because I was going to serve the cupcakes immediately that night, I didn’t bother brushing the tops with a syrup solution. I do normally if I’m planning on refrigerating the cupcakes overnight or for long periods of time because they dry out easily in the fridge.

Then I just piped them on top and grated a little unsweetened chocolate on top. The cupcake isn’t overly sweet but the frosting was on the sweeter side, so I wanted to balance it.



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