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Double Double This This

…Double double that that, double this, double that, double double this that! Haha anyone remember that hand clapping game?

We’re 3 weeks away from the wedding! Did any other brides have this sort of just creep up on them? Just not too long ago we were saying “oh it’s 2 months to go!” and now we are at the 3 week mark! People often ask me now, “How’s the planning going? Is it really stressful?” and y’know what, it sure is! In fact, it’s doubly stressful because of the move. So on top of planning a wedding, we are also in this weird transition stage where half of our things are at home and half of our things are in our new apartment. But I have to say we truly do have the most wonderful friends. They were there for us, from helping pick up furniture, assembling it, and to cleaning the apartment. We are so incredibly blessed! Everything feels like a whirlwind and this weekend went by way too quickly.

Saturday was moving day. Kelvin and I moved a large majority of our stuff, besides essentials and clothes, to the new apartment and also had an IKEA bedframe, mattress, and sofa set delivered. We were hoping on having a wardrobe delivered as well, but we wanted to hold off on it because we weren’t sure of the exact measurements we had to work with. It’s always easier to add than to take away. But I think it was a good thing because even with all the help we had, the bed frame took close to 4 hours to assemble. Partly because our bedframe has drawers underneath and there were what seemed like a million bits and bobs. Then after everyone left we soaked in the apartment for a bit, since it finally started to look “live-able”. But soon after we had to head back out to IKEA, we wanted to get our dining table and chairs. Unfortunately, our waiting was in vain because it turns out their system doesn’t updated frequently enough and the table we wanted was sold out.

Sunday was anticipated to be a slow, relaxing day but it turned out to be super productive! Much more than expected. Mostly because I was supposed to work 1-5 but my shift ended early. So I called up Kelvin and asked if he wanted to do another IKEA run and we were on it. Thank goodness for his brother, Sam, coming along. Provided a lot of comedic humour for our errand running day. We picked up a wardrobe, TV stand, and bedding from IKEA and our apartment is getting that much closer to being truly “live-able”! Next we headed to Home Outfitters to buy some stuff off our registry since it was on sale and we get an additional 10% off. Then we made some short stops at Home Depot and Wal-Mart for some little things and reading this again, I’m surprised our apartment isn’t fully furnished yet!

We are going to spend this week slowly assembling the IKEA furniture we bought, while also checking things off our wedding to-do list. It’s getting so down to the wire and we have so many little loose ends we need to tie up. Please pray for us! I feel like we’re going to need it. Thanks for all your love and support 🙂


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