Unconventional Wedding Favours


Looking back at what Kelvin and I did for the wedding, we definitely had to compromise on certain things but we also stood firm on others. One of those is doing away with “traditional” wedding favours since no one really keeps those and neither are they particularly useful most of the time. Instead, we decided to donate whatever money we would have normally spent on wedding favours, and give it to charity. Specifically we decided to donate money to Education Generation (Ed Gen).

We chose Ed Gen for 2 reasons:

  1. We truly, completely support the work that they are doing. Our donation will help fund a student’s education somewhere in the world where it is needed. Go check out their page! Also check out their quick write up about our “Wedding for Impact
  2. We know the founders (Kelvin’s past prof) and wanted to support their non-profit.

I’m not saying that you have to donate your wedding favour budget to a Ed Gen but I’d encourage you to consider it. Maybe it’s not Ed Gen, but another charity you’re passionate about. Since you’re likely spending that money anyways, why not send it to a good cause? We were met with resistance when we told our parents that we wanted to do this. They kept insisting on something, anything small, just as a takeaway, but we reasoned with them and made them realize why we wanted to do this. We wanted our wedding to be a reflection of us. We wouldn’t spend money on things that are useless or derive little value, so why would we want to do that at our wedding? We wanted to spend our money only on important things for the wedding, that would create some value for us: the food so everyone can eat, a venue for people to gather at, minister to marry us, photographer to capture lasting memories, and you get the point.

Bottom line: Make sure your wedding is a reflection of who you and your partner are, not a reflection of some culturally made up tradition that you don’t agree with or see need for.



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