Work Life

Trial & Error



So much of life feels like trial and error. Some of you may already know that, but for me not so much in a sense. I know that certain things like baking, household DIYs and other things would be trial and error, but I never figured my career path would be. I’ve struggled with this idea of a career since graduation and I’m still struggling with it now, albeit with a bit more clarity.

I always had it in my head that I would graduate with my business degree and already have a job lined up for me. Then I’d work a year or two in an entry-level job before being promoted, and so on and so forth. I wasn’t going to join the rat race and climb that corporate ladder, but I did think I’d end up in some corporate/boring job. For those that know me, it clearly didn’t happen.

I went on to pursue my own tea party catering business and that worked out at that time. It was perfect for the time and place in life that I was in. But then I got engaged. Now I’m not saying getting engaged and getting married threw a wrench into my plans, actually it’s the best thing that’s happened! But because Kelvin and I are married now, my just budding business wasn’t going to be enough to contribute to our family salary. I also learned it wasn’t the right time for me, so I pursued other jobs.

I ended up doing sales at Granola Girl and loved it. It was something different and something with more of a steady and predictable pay. But then I got a taste of human resources (HR) and just fell in love with doing it. I got my first taste with my second job at Fusion Kitchen as their HR lead intern. I’m not sure where the turning point was, but I realized that my heart was in the social venture arena. There was something so incredibly fulfilling with knowing that my work is going to directly contribute to the company’s bottom line while simultaneously bettering the community and by providing jobs. It’s such a perfect combination and partnership. I mean, why can’t business be about bettering community while making money? Why is it always just about cut-throat making money at any cost?

I still don’t know where my career path will end up but I know I’m headed on the right track. Hopefully this can be some of some encouragement for those that may be struggling with what their “career path” is. I’d say, just go for it and try it! Apply for that role that you’re second guessing yourself on. Take a leap of faith and see where it takes you. It’s ok that it’s a bit of trial & error because if you’re not finding yourself liking something, at least you know what you don’t want and can steer clear of it.


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