Work Life

Dream Job?

What do you do for work?

Me: I work PT for Granola Girl in sales and PT for this social venture called Fusion Kitchen in HR

Wow, that’s where I want to be in a few years

From reading that brief convo, it does seem like I have the perfect set-up. As a precursor, I’m just going to say that we humans are creatures of always wanting what we can’t have. So let me begin why it sometimes is great, and sometimes is not.

The Awesome Stuff

  1. Work is very flexible and in proper HR terms, I telecommute. Simply meaning I work from home and I can wake up, roll out of bed, grab my laptop, and start working. If I really didn’t want to, I wouldn’t need to brush my teeth! Jokes, I would, that’s just not hygienic…. I also am able to schedule my work according to my personal life schedule and engagements (well for the most part).
  2. I’m working for a small business (Granola Girl) and a social venture (Fusion Kitchen). After graduation, I wasn’t keen on working corporate and am so incredibly blessed to be able to work in the areas I wanted to work in: small businesses and social ventures. I also get to do a variety of work and it’s not just one repetitive boring task. The work I do at both companies (Sales and HR), I can see making a direct difference either to the bottom line or to someone else’s life.
  3. A lot of freedom in my work. I get a lot of freedom in what I do because they are 1 person departments ( and that 1 person being me). I’m also granted a lot of trust by the founder(s) and that let’s me try out different methods and techniques that might otherwise not be allowed in corporate areas.
  4. I have great bosses and work in great teams! The people I work with are so caring and passionate about their work that it encourages me to work harder. There’s always room for constructive feedback and a lot of questions. We are all learning as we go.

The Not So Awesome Stuff

  1. No structure to follow. In both my jobs there was no formal structure in place, so I walked into it not having any training manuals or procedures to follow. Most people would look at that and think “how is that a bad thing?” and it isn’t always. But right now in my stage in life, I feel like I need a bit of structure. I want to be able to observe a company, that has been well established, doing things right so that I can know how to go about making the two companies I work for better. Studying HR is a lot different from practicing HR and sometimes it’d be great to have a template to follow. For example, I had to let an employee go the other day and I wished I would have had some guidance and teaching on how I could do it and have done it better.
  2. I do have control of my work schedule to some extent. But there are parts of the job that require me to work weekends and late at night. If I was single, I think it would be a lot easier to sacrifice weekends and evenings, but now that I’m married I don’t want to. Not because I just don’t want to work weekends and evenings, but those are the times that my husband are home and not working. Being newlyweds, I would much prefer if we had similar schedules so that we could spend more time together embracing this new stage of our relationship and life. It was rough last month when I had to work every weekend and some evenings, while Kelvin worked the usual 8-5. When he was off, I was working and when I was off, he was working.
  3. No office. I’m not saying I want to be stuck in a cubicle in some dreary looking office. What I mean is I would like to have daily encounters and chatting with fellow coworkers. Working in a team or at least around people because my work right now is very independent and sometimes a little lonely.

Overall, I think I’m in a good place, but I’m just feeling like it isn’t the best fit for my skills and abilities right now. I feel like a diamond in the rough that needs some polishing in a more formal work setting. In a work setting that offers more learning about HR best practices so I can have a benchmark for how I should conduct HR.

If anyone has tips, resources, or opportunities that you think would be a fit for me, please let me know 🙂 Thanks!


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