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Scones Scones Scones!

Since moving into our new apartment, I haven’t baked as much because:

  1. Lack of counter space to roll out dough and to multi-task (work on cake and frosting and filling together).
  2. Missing equipment. Between baking at home and at my commercial kitchen, I used what either my mom accumulated in the kitchen or the landlord had provided as equipment to share.
  3. Not enough people to eat what I bake because everything comes in at least 6 portions or more and there’s only myself and Kelvin.
  4. Feeling uninspired to bake unless I had to for an occasion (birthdays).
  5. Became too busy with 2 jobs and learning how to be the best and Godly wife I can be.

BUT as of late, my career is taking a bit of an unexpected but exciting turn and I’ve been inspired to get back in the kitchen *hint hint*. I won’t share too much about my new career direction yet but let’s just say my first step to getting comfortable with it again was to bake up a batch of scones. When I was running Rosy’s Bake Shoppe, scones were just a small thing on the side, but never the main star, until I participated in the holiday Make It Show. There, I learned a very valuable lesson… well 2 actually:

  1. It’s a very very very good idea to offer a savoury baked option in a room full of Christmas bakers (aka sweets such as cookies, cakes and macarons).
  2. Put bacon on something and it will sell out.

And love it, they did. I always sold out of my bacon and cheese scones first and they were gone by noon (and the market opened at 10am, I have to thank all the vendors that came to me for their breakfast before the show started). Not to brag, but I knew how to make a darn good scone then. I wanted to see if I could one up myself and make a damn good scone! Pardon my language haha but that is how delicious this batch of scones turned out to be.

Bacon. Scones. Enough said.


All cheesy, just enough salty and how could you forget the bacon-ness. I think I feel extra fond of these scones because I literally had no equipment to work with (I usually use a pastry blender, basting brush, and rolling pin). These can truly be called artisan scones because I cut the butter in by hand, rolled out the dough with my palms, and brushed the tops with my fingers. No mixers or machinery besides the oven. It’s quite fun actually and a rewarding feeling. Plus I save on washing since I wash my hands anyways.

Besides bacon and cheese being a clear winning combination, what do you think would be another winning combo? Let me know and it may just be a part of my next blog post and *gasp* career direction?!

Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Scones Scones Scones!

  1. Cheese and bacon scones are an inspiration! Why have I not discovered these before? I will definitely be trying these. I know what you mean about it being tricky to bake just after you move; I’ve recently moved and a lot of my baking equipment is still hiding in boxes because there’s not enough cupboards!

    1. They make for a quick and delicious breakfast on the go. Just make sure the bacon is more on the crispy side and not too oily or else your scone will be very heavy. And goodness didn’t you wonder how all your baking equipment fit in your kitchen to begin with?? I feel like we need to upgrade our apartment just for my baking pleasure.

      1. Thanks for the tip! I much prefer crispy bacon anyway so that’s fine by me! Oh I know, I’m going to have to get some extra storage space just for baking equipment. I’m beginning to remember now that I just had tins in piles everywhere in the last flat anyway!

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