Breaking In Shoes…Quickly

Laugh all you want but it works and I didn’t have painful cuts and rubs on my foot 🙂

Yes I know, that looks stupid but you know what? It works!

I’ve been searching for a good pair of black flats for a while now. I debated whether I wanted a cheaper pair because I wear them out anyways… or to spend a bit more on a nicer leather pair that’ll hopefully last longer. Well I went with the latter one so here’s to hoping it’ll last me long! FYI, for those that are curious, they are from Aldo and are $70.

So I also had an important meeting to go to and I just purchased the flats the day before. I wanted to make a good first impression and these shoes are casual enough, but also sophisticated, simple, and just a bit different with the flats having a different trim. It’s on an angle, as opposed to the usual half moon shape or straight across cut. Can you see my dilemma? My meeting was in Yaletown and I live close enough to transit it, and that involves some walking. I had to break them in ASAP! Here’s what I ended up doing:

I wore a pair of socks and walked around my apartment in them for about an hour.

I swear, it works! They were stretched out enough to be comfortable and I got to my meeting and back without the painful rubbing.  Give it a try, and leave as a comment down below, what tried and true methods you have to quickly break in shoes!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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