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No, I don’t mean the song, or the Special K cereal, but I mean the feeling you get from enjoying what you do!

It’s exciting, fulfilling, and you feel like you’re doing what you’re supposed to. I’m just lucky that what I like to do, I’m able to sell, and people are willing to buy it. First lesson in entrepreneurship, make sure there’s a demand for it, much easier than trying to create demand for it.

I’ve been getting orders as well as leads to accounts that I only dreamed of. It mattered who I knew, and my timing. Now I’m just ecstatic and excited to wake up every morning! Not that I was in any depressive state prior, but job hunting for a corporate job was just not fun… and I feel like I couldn’t do much and what I offered, no one wanted to buy. I’m still working from home but my work is now engaging. It requires creativity (super girly birthday cake!), hand eye coordination (you try using fondant), and baking lots (tastings).

If you have the ability to, go chase your dreams and do what you love. Just a few nuggets of wisdom:

  1. Make sure what you love to do, people are willing to purchase it, whether it is a service or product. Do your research.
  2. Make sure you are financially able to do so. I’m incredibly blessed with my husband who enjoys his work and that his work is able to pay for our necessities. Don’t go dropping everything if you aren’t financially stable to do so. Think Maslow hierarchy of needs, gotta cover safety before you get to esteem and self-actualization (I’m a bit of a psych nerd).

Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT week! If you’re in the Vancouver, BC area, stop by DD Mau in Yaletown and grab some cookies baked by yours truly 🙂


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