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Comfort Baking: Cinnamon Buns

photo 4

There’s something ever so comforting about making any sort of yeast dough mixture. Besides the therapeutic nature of kneading the dough for a few minutes, it just feels nice as well because the dough is slightly warmed (due to the warm milk added to help get the yeast going). Today I decided to bake some cinnamon buns because:

  1. My husband has expressed how he loves them and I like to bake what he likes.
  2. Potential customer asked if I made some and although I said yes upfront, I wanted to confirm my beliefs that I can still make a kick ass cinnamon bun.
  3. I felt like I needed some therapy after a rough week.

So ahead I went and searched up a new recipe since I wasn’t completely thrilled with my past recipe and wanted a new one. I went to my default and checked out Anna Olson’s version of it and decided to give it a try, with a few tweaks that is. Thank goodness that Anna Olson never fails me! Her recipes are easy to follow, always delicious, and with a bit of tweaking, usually my ideal baked good: almost Asian like with lighter textures and lesser on the sugar.

I cheated a little and let the dough get started in my stand mixer, but I promise I did knead the dough once it was all incorporated and easy to handle. The recipe called for 3 minutes of kneading but I felt like I needed more, so I kneaded it 6 minutes. My my was it therapeutic! I wouldn’t say it would solve all your woes but it definitely helps. Then the slightly-not-so-fun part… waiting and letting the dough rise. I followed the recipe and let it rise for 2 hours in a warmer part of our apartment.

photo 1

It was SO COOL to see it after 2 hours because it tripled in size and was very squishy. Then I rolled it out into a large rectangle and slathered some melted butter on it and sprinkled a generous dose of cinnamon brown sugar on top. Next step was to roll it up into a log, slice it into 12 rolls, and let it rest yet again. It may seem tedious but it’s very important to let the dough rest since with the kneading first and the rolling second, you’re giving the yeast a hard time! You gotta let it rest up if you want to see if puff up gloriously!

The time had come and I finally got to pop them in the oven! I can’t even begin to describe the pleasurable aroma that filled our apartment. Cinnamon and the smell of freshly baked bread… I couldn’t wait to dig into it so I quickly made my cheat cream cheese frosting. Simply, it’s 1 part cream cheese to 1.5 parts icing sugar creamed together. And then I was in heaven! Oh yum!

photo 3

Oh yea… and it just may be available at a local food truck in Vancouver near you 😉


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