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DOTN (Dinner of the Night)

I’m on Instagram a lot… and YouTube a lot… Haha and I’m sure some of you may be familiar with the phrase “OOTD” (read as outfit of the day) and I just though’t I’d contribute to his lovely phrase by changing it to “DOTN” (read as dinner of the night). I decided to start documenting some of my dinner meals since Kelvin has been telling me that he’s been loving them lately and I wanted to share it with all of you. Especially for those that may be in the same situation as me, a newlywed and wanting to have quick, simple, delicious dinners.

First off, let me tell you my cooking philosophy. I like simple, fairly quick (unless it’s a stew/soup), and tastes good awesome. For that reason, sometimes I may take shortcuts (such as premade frozen meatballs), but most of the time I try to do everything from scratch. I get it, life is rushed and sometimes you just won’t have time to make everything from scratch. So when you do buy the pre-made stuff, check the ingredient list and try and buy as wholesome as possible. Secondly, because I like simple and quick, I rarely follow recipes. I take inspiration from recipes and general guidelines on how long to cook something and at what temp, but usually I like to freestyle. Cooking doesn’t need to be so exact like baking, you can have more fun with it even when you’re not a pro. Just know what you like in terms of taste and texture and adjust accordingly. Not salty enough, add salt, too dry, add water or stock, get where I’m going with this?  You’ll get a better gist of my cooking as I start posting more recipes, and by recipes I mean guidelines because I don’t measure stuff either… I kind of just eyeball but I’ll try and get the closest measurement.

I’m very excited to start sharing some recipes with you so stay tuned and one (or two) will be up this week!



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