New Pinterest Function Perhaps?

I think Pinterest is great. I get a lot of my baking inspiration, gift ideas, and dinner recipes from it. But I had a love/hate relationship with it when I was planning my wedding. Looking back, it was the most memorable day to date of my life and I really wouldn’t change anything major about it. Except maybe one thing… my dress.

I had a dilemma with my dress because as I started dress shopping, I realized the dress I imagined had a price tag that was over my budget. In my head, I wouldn’t be able to justify spending $2500+ on a dress that I would only wear once, even if it is my wedding dress. So I settled for a dress that I was ok with, I didn’t hate it but didn’t love it. It looked decent on and it was definitely in my budget. I know my mom was willing to shell out more to make me happy but I just couldn’t, it’s not in my nature to spend that much, one a single article of clothing. So I had a couple of moments where I just hated the dress and regretted my decision but I came to realize that it didn’t matter what I wore, but what mattered was that I finally got to marry my best friend and he would see me as beautiful in any dress.

So we had the wedding, danced the night away, and had a great time. I thought I put the wedding dress thing behind me, but then I went back on Pinterest and aahhh…. I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t care anymore because our wedding is over and I’m happy where we are now, but when I see a beautiful wedding dress that I sort of wish I could have had, it just leaves me yearning. It’s like being aware of what one’s weaknesses are and the easiest way for me to deal with it is to not see it because it’s a small thing.

So I wonder if there’s such function where you can filter out wedding related stuff? Or have it filter out whatever you may not want to see on Pinterest. Anyone know of such thing?


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