Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas wrapping

Christmas is upon us and if you are stumped as to what to get your family, friends or significant other, here are some ideas for you! Neither are gender or person (gf/bf/parents) specific, but more on the general side and crowd pleasers.

  1. This one is a given, since I am a baker and I find that most (if not all, well except for picky dieters) enjoy baked goodies in any form! There’s a sentimental factor because you hand baked and could hand package, such as the mason jar cookies below, or you just baked them a dozen of their favourite cookies. One piece of advice would be to avoid any frostings that could spoil (unfortunately that means cream cheese, or most buttercream frostings on cupcakes or cakes) and stick with cookies, bars, and loaves, that can be kept at room temperature. Some of my favourites are coconut chocolate chip cookies, biscotti, decorated gingerbread/sugar cookies, and oat fudge bars.
    DSC_0154 DSC_0155
  2. Board games! I’m a sort of competitive person and my hubby and I love boardgames! These are great gifts for a group of friends or family because it’s another excuse to hang out more and have some fun for a pretty cheap price, just have someone bring baked goods, or chips if you’re a salty person, and hot cocoa! Some of my favourites are Dutch Blitz, Monopoly Deal, Cranium, Taboo, and Scrabble. My fave snacks to have are popcorn, and especially caramel corn.
    Dutch BlitzMonopoly Deal Amazon
  3. Kelvin and I aren’t really good at giving “item” gifts. For example, jewelry, clothes, home decor, etc. We are more “experience” gift givers, such as tickets to a Fitz & the Tantrums concert, Granville Island Brewery Tour tickets, or planning an entire day date sort of thing. This is really easy to tailor to whomever you’re gifting to. If they’re a dancer, buy them dance classes or if SYTYCD tour is in town they might enjoy that, if they’re sports fanatics, take them to the Canucks game, and if they’re outdoors-y, plan to hike the chief and bring along a little picnic lunch/snack. Choose your event according to budget and likes. Plus, you get to give them something priceless, memories! (Excuse my getting a little cheesy)

I try to avoid clothing, jewelry, and books since they’re quite personal items (learned from past mistakes). Only choose these items for Christmas gifts if you know (with absolute certainty!) their size, their taste, and their reading taste.

Oh and don’t forget a card! Whether it is hand made or bought, just remember to share with your family/friends/significant other how much you love them and appreciate them. Of course this should be done on a regular basis, but it’s nice to see it written in a card 🙂

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading! Have a great week!


4 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Great ideas! I am also a fan of “experience” gift giving and I definitely prefer those types of gifts myself. Granville Island brewery tours will definitely be purchased for one or two of my friends. Thanks for the suggestion!

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