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DOTN: Quick Tofu Curry

Some days I feel like cooking up a storm and trying out all these nifty Pinterest ideas, but sometimes I just need to default to a really quick dinner because I’m just not in the mood to cook. This dinner is one of those defaults. It’s not all handmade, the curry sauce is pre-packaged but otherwise everything else is fresh and from the fridge.

Continuing on with our less meat and more tofu variations menu, I tried a different tofu cooking method. Instead of breading and pan-frying the tofu, I decided to plain old stir fry. To do this, I made sure to buy extra firm tofu because we tried once with medium firm tofu and it just stuck to our pan like eyes to the TV when a Canucks game is on! It made cleaning up very frustrating… So with the tofu we follow our usual procedure, cut the tofu into cubes, and press it between paper towels and heavy objects to get out the excess water. I found that with the extra firm tofu, there was much less water so I didn’t need as much paper towel.

Quick note: this recipe takes about half an hour or less to cook so it’s great for if you’re in a big rush or forgot you were supposed to cook dinner.

To cook the tofu, I heated up about 1 tbsp of sesame oil and 1 tsp of canola oil, and a clove of sliced garlic, in a small frying pan and put the tofu in, and let it get browned up nicely on all sides. If your tofu is done before your vegetables, no worries, just turn the heat off and reheat if necessary.

DSC_0195 DSC_0198
What I did was I prepared the vegetables ahead of time and started cooking the tofu and vegetables at the same time. 

For veg, I kept it really simple. I just boiled the vegetables until they were shy of being cooked because I like my veggies a bit on the raw side, and because they were going to cook a bit in the end when everything got mixed together. My choice for today were broccoli and green beans, and I cut them up roughly into same size pieces. The green beans I cut smaller because they take a bit longer to cook than the broccoli and I wanted them to finish cooking at the same time.

DSC_0194Once I put the veg into the boiling pot of water, I also put in my pouch of curry sauce. I came across this Japanese curry sauce because of my dad. He’s in the grocery business and gets samples of all these nifty products that he lets me try. This stuff is awesome! Especially for those that need a quick dinner that’s a bit better than a microwave dinner, and not your typical pasta (Kelvin says that if he were still a bachelor, he’d eat this almost everyday). All you need to do is boil/microwave the pouch until the sauce is heated through, and then pour it over your rice/veg/meat/whatever. I’m not sure where else this is sold, but I know for sure it’s available at the PriceSmart on Grandview Highway as well as the PriceSmart in Richmond on Ackroyd.

DSC_0186So the pouch went in with the vegetables and you can drain them both at the same time. Then just mix the veg, tofu, and curry sauce in a big pot and voila! Dinner it just about served!

DSC_0199 DSC_0202

All you’re missing is some sort of grain. I went with brown rice but you can use quinoa, white rice, or even pasta. I cooked mine in this little contraption called a Taiwanese rice cooker. If you have any tips or how I’m supposed to use this… much appreciated! 🙂 For the inner bowl, I used my usual ratio of water to rice, but I wasn’t sure how much water to put in the outer bowl. The way this rice cooker cooks is with steam and almost like a double boiler.

DSC_0192 DSC_0203


Whichever grain you choose, just scoop it into a bowl, top it with your curry and done. A quick, easy, not even 30 minute dinner.


Thanks as always for stopping by and reading. Have a great week!




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