Duolingo: Au Français

Hello friends! Today I want to share with you a wonderful app I’ve stumbled across. I’m using it to help me brush up and hone my French language skills, whilst having fun. The app’s name is Duolingo, and it allows you to learn how to read, write, and speak in whichever language you choose. Currently, you can learn French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, or Italian. Or if you’re a native speaker of those 5 languages, you can learn English, taught in those same 5 languages.

My experience so far has been great. Kelvin has been using it too, but he’s learning Spanish instead of French. We both agree it’s a good learning tool because you get immediate feedback. In high school when we were learning languages, we wouldn’t be able to get corrections/feedback on our conjugations or translations until they were marked and let’s be honest, that took weeks sometimes. This app however, will correct you immediately so you can sooner internalize the rules of the language. Plus, it’s like a game so you don’t feel like you’re “learning”. You play in stages and lessons (levels) and you move on as you master each language skill. Plus there’s always the chance to go back to certain levels if you need a refresher. To make it more like a game, get your friends involved and track each others’ progress.

IMG_2418 IMG_2419

IMG_2420 IMG_2421

The only  little, tiny, downside is that when you’re learning to speak, the voice that teaches you is slightly robotic but the pronunciations are still correct (at least I think…).

Hopefully in the future they’ll start offering languages that don’t use an alphabet (which they offer now), but are symbols or some combination such as Japanese and Chinese.

Happy learning and if you want to follow/add me on the game, my name is “rosykwok” and as I said earlier, I’m learning French 🙂 Let’s play!


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