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Basics: Lining a Square Pan

I can’t be the only one that likes to line my baking pans because I’m lazy and don’t want to wash them right? This is why I love discovering new tips and tricks on how to best line different sorts of bakeware. Today we’re going to cover how to line a square baking pan.

I use mine mostly for bars, brownies, tarts, and certain cakes such as carrot cake or pineapple upside down cake. I used to always use tinfoil but I found that it ruined a lot of my cakes because the batter would stick to the foil and when I tried to peel the foil off, cake would come off with is. You could imagine how much icing I used to use to cover up the holes! For some bars and brownies, depending on the batter, it wasn’t so bad because the batter wouldn’t likely stick to the sides of the pan. But for the fudgey ones, like oat fudge bars, or brownies, I don’t want to be scraping anything off the sides of my pans or losing any delicious chocolatey-ness to the pan! So thankfully, I caught an episode of Bake With Anna Olson, and learned an awesome trick on how to line the tricky square pan!

  1. Cut a piece of parchment to a square shape. What I do is rip it from the dispenser, then fold a corner over to give me a guideline on where to cut for the square. Then fold it in half twice, so it becomes a smaller square.
  2. Take the corner of the folded square, which when opened is the centre of the square, and align the centre point of the parchment with the centre point of the baking pan.It’s easier to flip your baking pan upside down for this step.
  3. Mark where the baking pan ends and the parchment continues on. Cut on an angle (this is where having folded the parchment to make a square, therefore yielding a diagonal line comes in handy as a cutting guide) from the outer corners into the centre, stopping at the marked spot.
  4. Tada! Unfold and try fitting into your square pan. Depending on how accurate you were with finding the centre point of your baking pan, you may need to trim a bit more to get the right fit. Remember, it’s always easier to cut more, so snip a bit at a time and be conservative. Because those slits were cut, it allows the parchment to fold into a “box” shape, therefore making lining of the square pan a lot easier.

Hope this was helpful! As always, thank you so much for stopping by and reading, and I hope you have a great day!


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