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Happy Birthday Audrey!

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Audrey, this little ball of energy and sunshine, has been nothing but a blessing in everyone’s life since she arrived. Just imagine a genuinely happy, content, and energetic baby that finds joy in so much. So of course when her mom asked me to bake her a birthday cake, I just couldn’t say no! Her mum requested animal toppers on a funfetti cake. So this is what I came up with:

  • funfetti vanilla cake (just a vanilla cake with a lot of sprinkles folded into the batter)
  • vanilla bean marshmallow frosting
  • fondant animal toppers (little monkeys, pups, birds, elephant, and kitten)
  • pastel polka dots for the sides of the cake

I think sprinkles in anything – ice cream, cupcakes, frosting – just scream happiness and celebration so when I saw the baked cake layers emerge from the oven, a huge grin appeared on my face. You can’t tell me you aren’t smiling just a little looking at them right?



Now I’ve never used fondant to mould any sorts of shapes or figures, let alone cutie patutie animals. So you know where I went straight to? Hehe if you said Pinterest then you guessed right! What an awesome day and age to live in where there’s Pinterest and numerous YouTube tutorials teaching the hobby baker techniques that one may have only learnt in pastry school a decade or so ago. My favourites was this waving monkey. It’s surprising how big a difference eyes make on any figure. Before I made the eyes, I questioned the cuteness of my monkey… But then it was fine 🙂


Just look at that motley crew of adorable animals!


Here’s them partying it up atop the cake after it was frosted and covered. Next to the monkeys, the elephant was another favourite of mine. Maybe next time I’ll venture into a standing elephant but I kind of like it splayed out on top of the cake.


Here's a better look at the pastel polka dots
Here’s a better look at the pastel polka dots

It was a great party and such a joy to see the big grin spread across Audrey’s face when she saw her cake! I think I’m finding my niche, making über cute cakes that turn even the most sophisticated of adults into “eeeeeee-ing” kids 🙂 Oh and if you’re wondering how well received the cake was by the kids, here’s all that was left of Mr. Monkey… Haha you know it was a good party when! Tasty marshmallow fondant didn’t hurt either.


Thanks for stopping by and have an absolutely wonderful day!

*If you’re in need of a birthday/shower cake and in the Vancouver Metro area, send me an email at and let’s talk cake!


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