A Heart To Heart

Be Kind Proverbs 4 23

“Rosy, remember this: you’re just lucky. You’re lucky that you were born with good genes. Remember that you never worked hard or earned your looks, you were just born with it so don’t be proud of that. Rather, be proud of what you’re achieving in school, be proud of your baking and dance abilities, and most importantly be proud of your work ethic. Be proud of those things because you’ve worked hard for. They weren’t just handed to you, but you practiced, studied, and applied self-discipline to acquire those attributes.”

This is the most important lesson my mom ever taught me. It was so incredibly important for my teenage self to hear that because I grew up being told I was pretty by aunties and uncles, and my mother did not want me to feel that I was defined by my physical appearance. My mother by no means wanted me to feel ugly, but she never wanted me to use my beauty as a crutch to get through life or put so much emphasis or importance on it. I am so blessed to have been taught this lesson young and my heart breaks when I encounter young girls that have been taught to use their beauty as a crutch or feel that it is the only thing going for them.

I’m not against loving yourself for who you are and being proud of your body and what it does for you because I’m all about having a healthy body image too! But I’m a firm believer in not allowing yourself to be defined based on physical appearance because it fades and is out of your control. I’d much rather be called the hustlin’ entrepreneur, creative baker, or encouraging youth counselor than the girl with the pretty face. Beauty is so temporary and up for interpretation, but no one can doubt your achievements and talents. Also, it’s your talents and achievements that are allowing you to do good in the world and community. It’s your actions that are allowing you to leave that lasting legacy that people can truly admire.

Think of how much you could achieve if you stopped worrying if you’d be pretty enough or looked right for the role. You may be surprised how these insecurities and internal thoughts play out in your daily life, whether it impacts the way you interact with others, the career you choose to chase, or the partner you end up with.

So I encourage you to take stock of yourself, and tell me what you’re proud of. Go ahead, fill in the blanks or create your own daily encouragement statements, and be proud of what you’ve worked hard to achieve!

I am so awesome at __________________________________
I do great work in ___________________________________
I contribute to my community through _____________________

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!


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