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Adoption: A Beautiful Thing

Mother kissing baby while sitting on meadow in park

I was raised in a home that was never outright against adoption, but was never pro adoption either. My mother’s philosophy was that if we could have our own, then why would we want to adopt? Since I was never taught different, I held to this philosophy until I met Kelvin and we discussed if we wanted children and how many.

I wasn’t completely on board after he shared his desires to adopt, but I slowly came around to it. It took about a year and a half, or so, for me to completely embrace adoption and here are some of the reasons why:

  1. The Drop Box movie by Brian Ivie: This documentary was shown at Missions Fest 2014 and it brought me to tears and broke my heart. A pastor in South Korea made a “drop box” where mothers could abandon their child if they weren’t able to care for them anymore. A lot of the time, it was because the child was either had out of wedlock or the child was born with a disability and if they weren’t to be left in the drop box, they’d be left on the street to die. The pastor and his wife adopted many children and took care of them and loved them as their own. They have such big hearts for the children and it truly touched my heart to see them caring, playing and parenting them. It doesn’t look like an orphanage at their home, but it looks like a home. The movie isn’t released yet, but head over to their site to be updated on when it does come out.
  2. Friends of ours adopted a little bundle of joy and she has been nothing but a blessing to everyone around her. Their family is so incredibly beautiful and there’s so much love that you can’t help but smile.
  3. There was this realization that so many children get abandoned around the world and they’re helpless to do anything about it. But if we are able to, then why not?

The reality is that adoption is a beautiful thing and an aspect of Western culture that we can be proud of. Adoption is not embraced or wholly accepted in Asian culture and is seen as taboo. Even to this day, it is believed that an orphan, from say Taiwan, would be loved so much more when adopted into a Canadian family than adopted into a local Taiwanese family. Of course it’s a generalization, but I say this because this is what the birth grandfather of a friend’s adopted child stated in court when the judge almost didn’t allow my friend’s adoption. Wow… right?

For those of us that identify as Christian, adoption is even more relevant and beautiful because we ourselves have been adopted as sons into the family of the Lord most high! As His children, we are unconditionally loved and get to share in the inheritance that is eternal life. So adoption is the bold act of the gospel happening in real life. We will make sacrifices, like Jesus did for us, to adopt a child as our own to love unconditionally and to share in our family inheritances.

To conclude, I’d encourage you to think about what adoption means to you. Whether you’re thinking of having children now, or if it’s far into the future, Christian or not, think about it.


2 thoughts on “Adoption: A Beautiful Thing

  1. Thank you for your blog. As I read several of your posts I wanted to know more about you. Though you are younger, in a different location, even of a different culture. We are so similar.
    I love this post on adoption.
    My husband and I married late in life. We have seemingly done things out of the ordinary for awhile. -Dated online! (Shock to many of my friends/family when it was just “a fad”11 yrs ago)
    We became parents at a older age! We adopted! We went for two international children! , we even gave up a two income ” west coast ” home for a “east coast” single income home for our children’s education.
    After reading,watching about the drop box I came to tears! This is why we did what we did. We understand the need for parents in children’s lives. I have seen the turnround of a child that doesn’t talk to a child that can’t stop talking and laughing.
    I understand the need for love through two children who were neglected and thought they were alone.
    After reading your post : it reconfirms my commitment to my children.
    I had forgotten the “real meaning” of doing Gods work.
    Thank you!

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