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Whirlwind Month and a Bit

Wow I just need to catch my breath…

The month of March was crazy, hectic, stress-filled, but also very rewarding. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I went back to school to get my TESOL certification, so that I can teach ESL. In a nutshell, it is a 1-month intensive program that focuses on the foundations of teaching English as a second language. It definitely didn’t go into a ton of depth, but it’s enough to get the ball rolling to spark your own personal learning, and it’s enough to be a certified TESL level 1 instructor. If you graduate from the program, you can get jobs in international English colleges (there’s a bunch in downtown Vancouver), in immigrant language programs (ELSA/LINC), or be more qualified to be a private tutor or exam (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, etc) prep instructor. Side note: you must have a bachelors degree to get into this program.

Now some of you may be asking yourselves, “Wait what about Rosy’s Bake Shoppe? Didn’t you graduate with a business degree?”. So let me answer those.

Yes I still have Rosy’s Bake Shoppe but I’m taking it to a special occasion status (friend’s weddings and birthdays). I still love baking but I just don’t want to do it full time. And yes I did graduate in business, but at this time no, I’m not pursuing that option. The market for new HR grads isn’t so great in Vancouver, and the entrepreneurial side of me is reading the market in Vancouver and seeing a high demand for quality English teachers. That’s partially the reason why I chose to teach ESL.

Another reason that led me to decide to get my TESOL certification is that I really do enjoy teaching. Whether it is tutoring one-on-one to help my cousin get her grades up, teaching baking to friends, or coaching peers to improve their resumes and cover letters. I teach because I love those  “aha! moments” or being able to help someone succeed and reach their goals.

So what did the 1-month intensive schooling and practicum add up to? For me, it turned into 2 job offers for 2 great international colleges. I feel so incredibly blessed to be given these opportunities and to have the luxury of choosing which school I want to teach at. It’s amazingly gratifying to know that my skill set and experiences are valued somewhere and for me that is in the ESL classroom. Because when I was applying to the various HR and administrative jobs, I felt like I was just a dime a dozen among applicants. To be honest I felt so down on myself when I was applying for these jobs because I would get the interview, but never the offer because they wanted someone with more experience or they just made their professional judgement and chose someone else. I understand though, the job market is tough and everyone is getting bumped down the career ladder so that just means for us new grads, we’re not even on it sometimes. But that’s when you have to decide to stop whining about the job market and be proactive about it!

So here I am, after a year of job hunting, plus 1-month of intensive schooling… an ESL teacher 🙂 Praise God!


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