In the Kitchen

Save That Baguette!

Okay so I went and bought a baguette the other day. I usually buy Asian loaf bread but I thought I’d be a little adventurous and try something new. The baguette was delicious the first day! Of course I couldn’t eat the entire thing so half of it was wrapped up and saved for the day after. I never ended up eating it the day after because ate out, so the day after that I went to grab for it and thought I was holding a baseball bat instead. Can anyone else relate to this? Baguette going super stale and stiff, enough to knock someone out?!

Did you know the baguette can be saved and you don’t have to toss it? I learned this trick from the Rachael Ray Show, courtesy of Sara Moulton. Of course you could turn stale baguette into croutons but if you’re not in the mood for croutons and instead want a baguette, keep reading…






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