Sh*t My Students Say | 1

So I know I haven’t been blogging for a while… but I’m going to try to get back into it. I thought it’d be appropriate to start a new series titled “Sh*t My Students Say” because I hear a lot of funny things.

If you’ve read my past posts, you will know that I am an ESL teacher and sometimes the students can’t help but be funny. Most of the time, they don’t know they’ve said something funny until I start laughing. So here is the first of many:


Over the summer, I had an amazing group of students to work with. They were keen, very smart, and we all had a lot of fun in class. One day I was teaching phrasal verbs and the topic was sports. Two of the phrasal verbs I taught were:

  1. knock out
  2. knock down

Two weeks prior we all learned “knock back” (for drinks) and they were good to not confuse any of the three. We finished our usual lesson and moved on to playing Scrabble for the last half hour of class, because I realized that 2 straight hours of vocab turns their brains into mush. One student, we’ll call him Chris, wanted to make use of the phrasal verbs learnt , and he’s a very competitive fellow, so he said to Marvin, “I’m gonna knock you up!”. I froze and had to hold back laughter because I could feel it creeping up on me. Of course no one caught it but me so I had to yell PAUSE and quickly give them a mini lesson on what Chris had just said.

You should have seen the looks on Chris and Marvin’s faces after my explanation! A combination of embarrassment and hilarity because after my explanation, they both laughed so hard they nearly fell off their chairs.

It has since become an inside joke between the students that were in that class.

Thanks for reading and I can’t to share more funny things my students say!


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