I Have a Confession…

I’m a messy person.

dirty floor

I was raised in a family with a dad that was a total clean freak. This meant our home was pretty much always spotless and I didn’t need to help clean. Well I tried, but my dad never let me. He believed, which I also think is true, that I couldn’t clean as well as he could. What this all means is that I expect and want to live in a super clean environment, but don’t necessarily want to do the work for it… 😀

I came to this realization over the course of the past weekend. I haven’t had the motivation to clean since starting work, but honestly who actually has motivation to clean? Except for when you’re expecting guests right? So, I’ve been lazy with regards to cleaning and maintaining our apartment. It’s gotten to the point where I’m disgusted with some aspects of our apartment and I just can’t take it anymore!

I need help! I need tips and suggestions on how to ensure my apartment gets and stays clean. Which products are the best and how often? We live in a semi-heritage apartment where the windows constantly get fogged up in this cold weather and I’m wondering if there’s any solution to it.

Please help out this noob at maintaining and cleaning a home 🙂 ?


2 thoughts on “I Have a Confession…

  1. For me it’s not so much about products but having a routine. Every Sunday is my cleaning day, and I spend about 90 minutes doing it. I do the floors and wipe surfaces weekly, and monthly i wipe down the walls and stuff. I mean, you don’t need to pick a Sunday and spend 90 minutes, but have a time every week that you maintain your place, and it will stayed maintained.

    This lady has some good ideas on how and what to use:

    For your foggy windows–single pane? It’s condensation–either turn your range hood and bathroom fan on (to circulate the air in your place/suck moist air out) or get a dehumidifier. Your apt has too much moisture. Google seems to offer the same suggestion as well.

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