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I know I talked about cheaters in last week’s post, but they really are only a small, minute fraction of my students. Majority of them are amazing students that are keen and have a heart to learn, and I think that is just flippin’ amazing!

I’m constantly amazed by my students’ responses when I give them a choice in class. Usually it’s a choice between further extension of a lesson (or more challenging stuff), or a word game like Scrabble or Taboo. I teach a mid level vocab class and let’s be honest, 2 straight hours of vocab could turn a brain into mush. It definitely did for my previous group of students but not for this current one.

Don’t get me wrong, my previous groups were awesome too because that’s where all the Sh*t My Students Say stories came from. They were intelligent groups too but this group has so much motivation to learn that it encourages me as a teacher to be better and provide more challenging lessons. Even when some students are feeling tired, or it’s been a long day, those select students encourage and support others to take the option to learn more because that’s what they’re here in Vancouver for!

It definitely brings a huge smile to my face when students choose prepositions (ex: interested in, hopeless at, proud of, etc) over a game of Scrabble.

#WhyIBecameATeacher #BestJobEver


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