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Sh*t My Students Say | 3

In this week’s instalment of Sh*t My Students Say, I’m going to change it up a bit and tell a story of Sh*t My Students Did.

Now let me preface this story with some information about a student. He’s absolutely hilarious and I could imagine that if Kelvin were to be a student in my class, he’d be somewhat like him: a hilarious smart ass but totally appropriate. Let’s call him Joe.

So the topic of the week was describing appearances. We talked about body shapes, facial features, and general ways to describe what someone looks like. After the worksheet portion, I gave the students a break and sent them out to take a photo of someone, to be used for the latter portion of class.

Most students giggled as they left to get coffee and to chat with other friends on a break. When students returned, they were prepared with pictures in hand. You can probably guess what my task for them was right? I wanted them to describe their picture to a partner in incredible detail, and their partner was going to attempt to draw according to the given description.

No one was a professed artist but they all did surprisingly well. Most were somewhat close to the original picture and many were able to guess who they were drawing as well!

Where does Joe’s story come into play? Well, just imagine what a 20 year old smart ass fella would take as a photo. I instructed them to take a picture of someone since we’d been working on descriptions of people, but Joe decided to take a picture of… wait for it… it’s gonna be…LEGENDARY! 



You could only imagine the confusion his partner experienced as he heard Joe’s description of this bear. Here were some of his sentences:

He is short, a bit on the heavy side and very hairy.

He has some very distinct facial features. His nose is quite large and it… (he looked to me for the correct wording and without thinking I told him) sticks out!

At that point, him and I were laughing pretty hard and near uncontrollably. No one else understood until we calmed down and Joe showed everyone the photo he was describing. Then we were all laughing hysterically!

Needless to say, one of my highlights from this summer of teaching 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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