Kids Holiday Gift Guide

Are you buying a gift for someone under the age of 5 and are at a loss for what to get? Perhaps you don’t want to go with clothes since they grow out of it so quickly, or the super expensive but highly rated toys. Or maybe you don’t want to get something too gender specific (ex: Barbies for girls and Hot Wheels for boys). If any of these describe you, then you’re in the same boat as Kelvin and I. We wanted to get something more educational and/or mentally stimulating for them because they get enough of the other toys from other family members. So here are some suggestions for gifts for kids, or maybe just those that are a kid at heart.

  1. Imaginarium | Wooden Block Set

    • Age: The box says 3+ but I think a child as young as 2 could enjoy it.
    • What’s in it: 76 natural and 76 coloured blocks and comes in a cylindrical storage bin.
    • Why: Who doesn’t love building blocks? Endless possibilities for what you could build! it’s like a step down from Lego because it doesn’t require the child to fit pieces together.
    • Price: At Toys R Us it’s $34.99.
  2. Imaginarium | Marble Race

    • Age: The box says 3+ and I agree.
    • What’s in it: 20 track pieces, 50 connectors, 2 marbles, 9 rollers, and 2 paddles.
    • Why: This reminds me of the large contraption outside Science World and it also reminds me of the mouse trap game. I’ve always wanted to play it but never got my hands on it and this seems like a simpler version
    • Price: At Toys R Us it’s $39.99.
  3. 4Cats Experience

    • Age: Any! It works for all ages from infants to elderly.
    • What: 4Cats is an art studio that holds various types of art lessons and classes. You could choose from a series of lessons or just a one time thing. In addition to gift cards, they’re also great for birthday parties or bridal showers. The staff there were telling me about a wild splatter paint night for a bachelorette. Alcohol + Paint = A Good Time.
    • Why: This is great for families with a young child because perhaps you don’t want to clutter their house with more toys and you love giving experience gifts. I can imagine this being a great Saturday afternoon at the studio with finger paints and working together as a family to create a masterpiece to hang on your walls.
    • Price: You can purchase gift cards for any value but the individual classes are approximately $50 per session.
  4. Books
    LoveYouForever 61wRcfpzLJL

    • Age: Any! Choose your book appropriate to the age of the child you’re giving a book to.
    • What: My recommendation are Robert Munsch books because they are awesome! My favourite one is Stephanie’s Ponytail and I Love You Forever.

Hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration for your Christmas giving. If you want some ideas for others, perhaps not children, check out my holiday gift guide from last year.

Happy Holidays!



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