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Kelvin and I bought a Groupon for Spud | Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery a while back and finally came around to using it. I’ll start by saying this is definitely not a sponsored post as everything was purchased with our own money.

First Impressions

Here's what our box looked like when we first opened it.
Here’s what our box looked like when we first opened it.

I was very impressed by the quality of the produce we ordered. We ordered pomegranates, their winter seasonal produce box, and some zucchinis. The total came to around $50 and with our Groupon and another coupon they gave first time customers, we paid $10. Not a bad deal right? It was delivered as scheduled and it’s free as long you have it delivered on your designated day (depends on location).


Here's what we got! The zucchinis were hidden somewhere under the red chard.
Here’s what we got! The zucchinis were hidden somewhere under the red chard.
  1. Quality: Fresh, organic, and produce that is as local as possible.
  2. Variety: Their website has a wide variety of options. Pretty much anything you find in a grocery store, you can find those same sections online, in addition to recipes and tips and tricks.
  3. Creativity: Buying the seasonal box encouraged us to cook with some new ingredients or ones that we don’t use very often. For us, it was red chard and red beets.
  4. Convenience: They will deliver it to your front door, and possibly for free if you order above a certain amount. You also have delivery options. If you’re not going to be home, they can leave it at your back door (for houses), at your apartment front door if you give them your apartment key, or in your apartment foyer. Pretty much, they’ll work with you to find a suitable delivery option.


  1. Price: It’s on the pricey side. Produce is definitely more expensive than buying non-organic but it’s nothing too shocking. Just what you usually see at your grocery store that carries organic produce. Meat is very expensive as well so we didn’t order any. I could imagine it tasting very good though?
  2. Variety: There’s a wide variety of predominantly Western produce. Being Asian myself, I love my Asian veggies and there aren’t that many on their website. The only one I could find was baby bok choy. That’s alright, I expect to purchase those at my local PriceSmart or Chinatown anyways.

Bottom Line

Give it a try! It’s a little pricier but it may be worth the convenience and taste for you. The seasonal boxes are great ways to explore different kinds of produce that you may not normally try. First timers get a coupon code and if you’re not completely satisfied with your produce, I believe they have a 100% guarantee.



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