Sh*t My Students Say | 4

This chapter of Sh*t My Students Say doesn’t come from the classroom but rather when some students and I went to dinner to celebrate their last weeks in Vancouver. I love my students and they just crack me up.

So we are at Original Joe’s for drinks after dinner and a few of my students wanted to take a photo. Our arms were definitely not long enough to do a selfie so they got the idea to ask someone to help them take a photo. How does one ask a stranger to help them take a photo…? The following phrase is what my students hollered, at the top of their lungs, in a crowded pub:


facepalm gif


I was truly debating whether or not to correct them since we weren’t in class. If they weren’t yelling it across the bar then perhaps I may have let it slip, but they were yelling so loud I just had to cut in to say:

NO preposition!

It was funny how they sheepishly giggled, then proceeded to yell at the top of their lungs


Gosh I miss them already!


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