2015 Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are always exciting and looking back on last year’s resolutions, I think we’ve done pretty good. Here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  1. Travel out of continent: We are getting there. We weren’t able to last year but as Kelvin says, we quasi accomplished this resolution. We are going on a fairly huge Asia trip soon!
  2. Getting to know other married couples: check! Mostly because there were many weddings this summer as well as our church started a young married couples fellowship group. Getting better at meeting with friends: check!
  3. I did not master French on Duolingo because I lost motivation. I wasn’t going to use it anytime soon and I became pre-occupied with learning how to best teach English.
  4. Did not learn to play the drums, but I became more confident in singing.
  5. I was good with my reading goal until I started working… heh heh…

OK with those out of the way and after reflections on lessons learned, here are some of our 2015 resolutions! Some are joint and some are my individual ones.

  1. Devotions. I’ll admit that we’re not the most consistent with daily devotions but we want to be. We’ve talked to other couples and sought their advice on materials and I think we have a good plan in place. The goal will be to do our personal daily devotions on our own time, and follow a book for our couples devotions. I’ve signed up for SheReadsTruth and I think it’s a great organization helping many women dig deeper into God’s word.
  2. We are very excited to get this project started! We’ve already bought the domain and brainstormed ideas and roll out plans. Essentially, it’ll combine my TESOL experience with our entrepreneurship desires. English For Work will be a consulting and educational business where we help international business people or recent immigrants prepare for working in Canada or the U.S. I got the inspiration to do this after my “How To Get A Job” lecture at school because there was a huge turn out and many students coming up to me for help later on. Also, I’ve helped quite a few of my students tweak and change resumes and it has helped them find jobs in Vancouver.
  3. Home Ownership. Yes, we are looking to buy a place next year! This is incredibly exciting but equally daunting and frightening. It seems like such a big step to take and it’ll require much financial planning and what not, but we are ready to put down roots and think more long term. For example, we are going to move back into Burnaby because we want to be close to our parents, especially since we plan to have kids in the near future ;). Let’s just leave it at that.
  4. Write and Record More. I love writing on this blog, even if not too many read it. it’s therapeutic and an easy way for me to share knowledge with friends. My goal this year is to maintain my blogging schedule at 2 posts per week but also to add something fun to it. I’ve been dabbling with iMovie and we are contemplating vlogging because I think it’d be a great diary of our lives. I look back and remember how my dad always had a camcorder in his hands at every important event and how much joy we had watching the old VHSs. I want to be able to have that too and to be able to show it to our own kids one day.

Let’s see what 2015 brings for us all! Here’s to a great year!



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