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I Left My Heart in Japan

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Before our trip to Japan, neither my husband nor I had gone before. We had an idea, a notion, a preconception of what it would be like, but nothing that felt concrete. Before even going, we had interest in moving there, but everyone questioned us because we’d never been before. Understandable but is it that crazy of an idea to just move to somewhere else in the world that you’ve learned and heard a lot about but never saw for yourself? We didn’t think so, but this trip really confirmed our prior idea of moving.

Japan is so diverse because you can have all the hustle and bustle of a big city in Tokyo, but just travel 1 hour out by train and be in the peaceful suburbs. Their suburbs aren’t like ours in Vancouver though. They are still well connected by efficient public transportation and are bustling in their own way. Let me say again, their public transportation is ah-mazing! Trains run on time, to the minute, and even though it’s a crowded platform, it feels like an organized chaos because everyone knows where they are going and abide by the unspoken rules of social etiquette.

Food is lip-smacking, jaw-dropping, hands down, delicious! Everything feels “cleaner” in a way, and the ingredients used are simple and fresh. Plus, being a baker, I absolutely adore their pastries and their baking style. We never had a bad meal in Japan and we weren’t even going to all the Trip Advisor noteworthy spots. We were just going to the mom and pop shops, or the one that looked good to us. I’ve said before that if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would most definitely be Japanese food.

I could continue rambling on but I think the following statement will sum everything up nicely. Kelvin and I have a heart for Japan and we’ve left our hearts there. We have many other reasons for wanting to move there, especially after talking to a missions organization. So we’re going to continue praying and see where God is guiding us towards. Exciting things are going to happen though, I can feel it!

If you want to check out our Japan vlogs, here’s the link:



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