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How Did I End Up Here?

bench reflection

It’s been roughly a year since I started my new career as a TEFL teacher. The other day, an old friend messaged me about the NKE Exam (an HR certification exam) and it got me thinking, how did I end up here?

Approximately a year ago, I was taking an NKE prep course in the hopes of becoming a CHRP (Certified Human Resource Professional) but by that time I was already on the fence about it. I’d been job searching for almost half a year because with the CHRP, you take the NKE, then work some amount of time, then take another exam to become fully certified. So I thought it’d be best to find a job before taking the exam. I took that prep course and I didn’t come out of it feeling more excited about my future in HR. I actually wanted to get further from it but I’ll spare you the reasons and my rant.

To go from a BComm with a specialization in HR to TEFL teaching was no easy decision. I had to let go of the idea that I must find work related to my formal education. I had to let go of my preconceived notions of what my career path would look like and let go of my pride. That period of letting go was very difficult for me emotionally and Kelvin can attest to that. But once I got past it, I felt renewed, like I could do anything.

I think I’ve mentioned it on this blog before, but I sort of fell into TEFL teaching because Kelvin and I want to be missionaries and teaching English is a very good skill to have for that profession. And boy am I glad I fell into this profession. Every time people ask me how teaching is, I can only say, “I can’t imagine doing anything else!”. I absolutely love my job and that I get to connect and enrich my students’ lives.

I don’t regret at all getting my university degree in business. It was still a great learning experience and it literally was one. I learned how to think critically, develop common sense (which I realize many people lack), and that education equipped me with enough knowledge to start my own businesses. My university degree gave me so much, just not a related job. But that’s ok and I think more people need to be ok with that.

I think that if you give yourself such a narrow view on what you can do for work, you might get easily disappointed and frustrated. Sometimes you just need to flexible and go with the flow. Open yourself up to other possibilities and you just might be pleasantly surprised.


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