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Weakness to Strength

Hello WordPress friends! I realize that it’s really been a while since I’ve posted anything here and my apologies. Kelvin and I got caught up in making YouTube videos and with both of us working full-time, some things got neglected. Anyways, the reason I’m writing today is to share something amazing I realized.

We are constantly told and we read it in the Bible that God uses people that are imperfect to glorify Him. Moses hesitated and claimed he wasn’t a good speaker, Abraham was very old, Joseph was enslaved, Jonah ran from God, and the list goes on. Despite these weaknesses and imperfections, God showed his glory through them all because it is even more amazing to see. When someone is “perfect”, it could just be attributed to their own ability.

So what I’ve come to realize is that for as long as I can remember, public speaking or speaking in general has been my weakness. Not in the way that I never had subject-verb agreement, but rather I always spoke too fast and was very nervous. I’m not sure how and when it developed, but I’ve always been a fast talker. To the point that it’s even hard for some friends to understand me. I thought going through business school would straighten me out but it only made it worse because everyone was so good at public speaking and everyone was so charismatic!

But fast forward to now and my job is to talk and teach. I can’t believe that I make a living by talking! I never would have thought this would be me. I always thought I would be a quiet office worker but now I can’t possibly imagine that being my life. What I have now is so much better and it’s preparing me so much better for missions in Japan. I can see now that God has given me this gift of teaching and making students feel proud of their learning and I can’t wait to take it to the mission field and be of use there. But in the meantime, I’m perfectly content teaching Sunday School and my wonderful students at school.

Sometimes God won’t turn your weakness into a strength until later. Maybe it’ll be like me and you’ll have to wait 20+ years to see it, but trust and believe that it will happen.


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