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It’s Okay to Cry


I remember so distinctly when I was just having an absolute shit day. I was bouncing Lily on our yoga ball trying to calm her down but she just kept crying and crying and crying. I tried swaddling her but it was too hot. I tried breastfeeding her but she just refused. I carried her and walked around our tiny apartment. I cradled her, rocked her, and sang to her. Nothing worked.

As I was bouncing her on the yoga ball, I just broke down and cried. I cried because I was so exhausted and sleep deprived. I had slept only 2-3 hours consecutively through the night. I cried out to God and asked that He help me because I felt like I couldn’t handle it anymore. I just kept crying until I had no tears left and Lily had finally calmed down… and so had I.

It was such a low point in my mommy-hood. I felt like I had run out of options but, looking back I know I could have done more to get through that tough time. See, I tried to do it myself and that was the problem. I needed to reach out to friends and other fellow mommas more, if even just to talk and cry to. I felt like I had to get through it on my own because I had to learn to handle those situations but it doesn’t and shouldn’t be that way.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to get across in this post but I felt it was necessary to share the difficult side of parenting. Everyone talks about the great parts, and yes there are so many, but we can’t neglect the trying and tough times. It’s like riding a roller coaster but it will be ok. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to be ok but it will be. Reach out to family and friends, talk about it, seek help in whatever ways you need it, cry if you need to, just don’t feel like you have to do it all yourself.




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