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Last On The List

jemand schreibt eine bukket list

Like so much of motherhood and parenting, self-care is easier said than done. We spent half a session in prenatal class brainstorming ways to do so and yet I still have days where I forget I need it, or worse, I deny myself of it.

I’m not sure if other mom’s can relate, but often I feel guilty taking time to care for myself. I have this mini debate inside my head trying to figure out what I’m going to do. I know that I need to practice self-care so that I can rest, be a better mom, and feel like myself, but somehow I still refuse to do it or make up excuses not to. It’s either dishes, laundry, cleaning, or cooking and I always let it build up to the point where I feel like I’m about to break because it’s been a week or longer since I’ve done something just for me.

The first few times this happened, Kelvin and I set up a system to help. The arrangement was that we each spent one night a week out with our own friends, and then one date night a week. We were really good with it at the beginning but then the holidays came around and we lost the flow. Before I knew it, I’d been neglecting myself and harbouring a bit of anger and resentment towards my family. It’s always at this point that I realize “Oh hey Rosy, you know what might help? ME TIME!”.

The last time I reached this point was about a week ago and I’m serious about not ever going there again. So I brainstormed a list of things that I can do, whether I only have a few short minutes, or a whole day/night to myself.

Takes About 5-10 Minutes

  1. Take a hot shower. You’d be surprised how much this can give you an energy boost!
  2. Brew yourself your favourite cup of coffee/tea.
  3. Get out of your PJs and put on some make up. It helped me feel less zombie-like.
  4. Step outside for some fresh air. Whether this be your patio or just outside your front door.
  5. Put on a sheet mask and treat your skin.

Takes 15-30 Minutes

  1. Go for a walk outside or at the mall. Put the baby in the stroller/carrier and just go!
  2. Read a chapter or two from a book. I always recommend The Help.
  3. Get coffee with a friend.

You Got Lots of Time

  1. Get lunch/dinner with friends.
  2. Take a class. Whether it be art, fitness, or whatever.
  3. Go shopping for clothes for yourself. Avoid those baby stores!

Hopefully this list of mine can give you inspiration for how you can take care of yourself. It doesn’t always need to take a long time, but do make sure you get that at least once a week. Of course, my list is only what I enjoy so please tell me what’s on yours!


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