Embracing the Sleep Regression

All I can say is UGH!


I expected this regression, yet it still was awful. Her 4-month sleep regression wasn’t so bad but that was only because her sleep wasn’t so good to begin with. Therefore, this regression felt infinitely worse because Lily is sleep trained now and usually sleeps 12 hours at night and naps well.

She began waking up sometime between 1-3am and stayed awake for 2 hours before falling back asleep. If we weren’t holding her, she’d be crying hysterically! So, you can imagine how thankful we were that we had finally purchased a rocking chair for her room. I can’t imagine having to endure those rough nights whilst sitting on the hardwood floor… Also, her naps shortened to around the 50 minute mark so I wasn’t getting much rest during the day either.

The first two nights weren’t so bad, but by the third night I was exhausted. It felt like we were back to the newborn days. I resorted to feeding her back to sleep on some nights because she wouldn’t sleep any other way. I know I wasn’t supposed to, but it was at 3am and I was already exhausted. At least I didn’t have to feed her to sleep when I initially put her down for bedtime.

As bad as it was, Kelvin and I got to talking about it, and realized how we will miss this stage of Lily’s life. Since sleep training her, she’s rarely ever fallen asleep in our arms. Any parent can tell you that the feeling of your baby sleeping in your arms is one of the most wonderful feelings in life. They look so peaceful and you can feel them breathing against your chest. Even though those nights were rough, we looked forward to the moment Lily would fall asleep and we would just stare at her beautiful face until we were ready to let go and put her back in bed.

The days are long but the years are short.

I know we’re only 1 year into parenthood but we wholeheartedly agree. I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about newborn Lily and how much she’s grown now. She’s so agile now, quickly pulling herself up on her feet, crawling in every direction, and sitting up like it’s nothing. Just a few short months ago, she could barely roll over or sit unassisted, let alone attempt walking. Now, I’m pretty sure she’s going to be scampering around the house in the next month or two.

As hard as it can be at times, we are cherishing, loving, and remembering every moment with our Lily pad.


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